Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
A remarkable Amoled screen, including its luminosity.
Very good autonomy, given the context of the market.
Overall navigation, especially with the circular ring, always so pleasant.
Helpful GPS for outdoor sport.
Waterproof / Serious overall finishes.

With a new series of sensors and a very efficient OS, the new connected watch from Samsung is not far from faultless.

By becoming ever more complete and much better finished, the Samsung Gear S3 is certainly the best rival of the Apple Watch. It passes the watch connected to the apple in terms of display and autonomy. Apart from its imposing format and an application universe still perfectible, it was very difficult to find him the slightest defect. In our opinion, the price of 400 euros is justified.


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