DroneGuard CS 400 Quadcopter Bag by Lowepro

Transport your quadcopter while keeping it protected and the accessories organized with the DroneGuard CS 400 from Lowepro. The case features a semi-rigid FormShell exterior that is designed to be protective while keeping the weight down, and can be used as either a backpack or a hand-held carry case. A flexible divider system allows you to customize the interior based on the accessories you need to take with you on a given day. It is able to accommodate a transmitter, GoPro or similar action camera, props, flight batteries, chargers and cables, recording media, and much more.

Product Reviews

9 Total Score
The perfect, out-of-the-box solutions for carrying, organizing, storing and protecting your drone gear and all essentials

Designed to carry and protect the most popular quadcopters such as DJI Phantom 4 and 3DR Solo, plus batteries, transmitters, tools, parts and accessories.

Build quality
  • Perfect the semi-hard shell design
  • Light weight and perfect for short hikes off the road
  • Allows for extra room
  • Entire interior can accept velcro dividers and straps in many configurations
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Has a place to put your iPad, batteries, and a few other accessories
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • The dividers are not too sturdy for some models
  • There is no enough of diveders for some models
  • The zippered bag slides around
  • Too small for the Phantom 3 with its props
  • Is not built to be worn on long hikes
  • Too much open space inside means items will shift about
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Dronevesker fra Lowepro

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